Gingivectomy is commonly used to improve the appearance of excess or overgrown gingiva. Gingival overgrowth is always primarily due to bacteria. Gingival tissue may need to be reshaped for many reasons, common causes and indications are

Gum overgrowth during orthodontic therapy (braces): This is usually caused by normal inflammation in the gums when teeth are being moved. The combination of tooth movement and plaque buildup can cause the gingiva to overgrow. This overgrowth, can contribute to further food trapping, harbor colonies of bacteria, and make it difficult to keep the area clean. Most times, these pockets involve only soft tissue overgrowth, they can be removed by a gingivectomy (trimming the gums). Sometimes, the actual braces can start getting covered by overgrown gum tissue.

Gum overgrowth (in general): There is too much gum tissue around your teeth. Some people don’t like how this looks and want to have it removed. It also can make teeth and gums hard to keep clean. In severe cases, this condition can interfere with chewing and speech. Excess growth of gum tissue can be caused by certain medicines. Sometimes there is no apparent cause.

Case 4: Gingivectomy #7 – #10

“The procedure was totally painless. Dr. Kubikian was really nice. Now my teeth look so much better.”
J.L., Woolwich, NJ

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Case 5: Gingivectomy #6 – #11

“It was quick and easy. Not painful at all and my teeth look great!”
R.B., Mullica Hill, NJ

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